The Even Up Hyperpigmentation Regimen

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Colorescience is adding a new pigment correcting product to their lineup. If you are an Even Up lover, get excited!! Launching in March is the Even Up Multi Correction Serum.

Even Up Multi Correction Serum is what your regimen is missing!! Notice improvement in skin's brightness, hydration and texture.


This revolutionary 3 in one product 1:

  • Safely fades sunspots and pigmentation
  • Hydrates and assists in boosting the skins natural barrier function
  • Promotes healthy cell turnover, leaving the skin smooth and soft.


Today we are preselling The Even Up Hyperpigmentation Regimen at an amazing introductory price & includes three products that play a key role in reducing unwanted brown spots, sun damage and hard to treat melasma.  In combination you are on the way to your most beautiful shade of even.


Regimen Includes:


The Even Up Multi-Correction Serum-$89

+Radiant, Even Tone- Diminishes appearance of dark spots, age spots, and other discoloration

+Smooth Texture- Skin’s surface is balanced, uniform, and luminous

+ Intense Hydration- Skin’s hydrated and barrier function is improved to maintain moisturization

Daily AM /PM usage


Even Up Clinical Pigment Perfector SPF 50-$135

+ Correct- Immediately color correct to blur brown spots for even skin tone.

+Protect- Defends against UVA/UVB damage and HEV-induced discoloration

+Brighten- Diminishes appearance of dark spots, age spots, and other discoloration

Daily AM usage


Sunforgettable Total protection Brush On Shield SPF 50-$69

Comprehensive environmental protection from key triggers that stimulate hyperpigmentation

+UVA/UVB light, HEV (blue) light

+Defends against Pollution & Infrared Radiation

+Proven to prevent free radical formation and protect against oxidative stress

+ The ONLY powder brush-on sunscreen with water resistance and the Skin Cancer Foundation Active Seal